Jurassic Paint – Add Dinosaurs To Your Photos!

Add DINOSAURS To Your Photos!

Jurassic Paint – Add DINOSAURS to your photos! for iPhone & iPad

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Add DINOSAURS to your world with JURASSIC PAINT!

It’s easy to add dinosaurs to your photos:
– Select a photo or use your camera to take a new one.
– Then select a DINOSAUR! There are loads to choose from!
– Place your dinosaur on your photo. You can easily move it, scale it, and rotate it, to make it perfect!
– Pin your dino down and select the ERASE tool to easily remove parts so it looks like it’s really part of your photo! Make it look like it’s behind a building, or eating your friends! Be creative!
– You can also DRAW, add TEXT, add STICKERS, or ADD MORE DINOSAURS!!
– Share directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more! Show the world your dino creations!

The possibilities are endless! Share your photo on social media with #JurassicPaint so the world can see it!

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