Money Everywhere! Make It Rain Cash!

Money Everywhere uses Augmented Reality to surround you with falling wads of cash! It’s like a crime lord’s plane exploded above you (but without the debris, just the cash falls!) Seriously! Start the app and look around!

You’ll see banknotes fluttering gracefully all around you in crisp, realistic 3D graphics! And thanks to Augmented Reality it actually moves when you move your phone, as if it’s really there! Be a Billionaire for the day! Become the 1%!

Includes all these currencies from around the world

- US Dollars
– Euros
– UK Pounds
– Japanese Yen
– Australian Dollars
– Canadian Dollars
– Chinese Yuan
– Hong Kong Dollars
– Iceland Kronur
– Iraqi Dinars
– Korean Won
– Mexican Pesos
– New Zealand Dollars
– Russian Rubles
– Saudi Arabian Riyal
– South African Rand
– Swedish Kronor
– Swiss Francs
– Turkish Lira
– and more on the way!

If we don’t have the currency you want, let us know and we’ll see if we can add it for you!

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Requires iPhone4, iPhone4S, iPod Touch 4th Gen, or iPad2 for augmented reality movement.

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