Ninjas Everywhere! An AR Experience!

Ninjas are hunting YOU! They're in your city. They've invaded your town. They're sneaking up behind you. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! You've never seen anything like this before!!

Ninjas Everywhere! An Augmented Reality Experience! for iPhone & iPad

Seriously, you’ve never seen or played anything like this before. Try it for yourself!

**** NEWS FLASH ****

Ninjas are hunting YOU! They’re in your city. They’ve invaded your town. They’re sneaking up behind you. THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!

Introducing Ninjas Everywhere! An Augmented Reality Experience that puts ninjas in THE REAL WORLD. They’re all around you right now!

Look through your iPhone, iPod or iPad as if you’re taking a photo and pan around. Look up and down, left and right. Look everywhere, the world around you has changed. (For best results, stand in an open area.)

You’ll see ninjas lurking all around you. You’ll see them sneaking up to attack you. You’ll use your own ninjas skills to throw skuriken (ninja stars) at their heads!


- Totally immersive Augmented Reality puts ninjas all around you in the real world. IT’S LIKE THEY’RE REALLY THERE!
– Simply flick the screen to throw a shuriken in the direction of your flick and slay your ninja enemies!
– Throw special fire and lightning shuriken!
– 2 Modes: Play the game and try to survive, or switch to SAFE MODE and enjoy the Augmented Reality effects without being attacked! You can still hurl deadly stars at the ninjas though!
– Awesome 3D graphics.
– Your movements control the game. Simply look around you, line up your cross hairs with your target, and tap to shoot. Swipe up to reload, then keep shooting! It’s totally different to anything else, and very addictive!

WARNING: When using Augmented Reality please be aware of your surroundings! Be careful of the people and things around you. It’s easy to be completely immersed in the Augmented Reality Apocalypse and forget where you are!

(Requires iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod 4th Gen or higher, iPad2, new iPad or higher)

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