Santa’s Solitaire – 3D Christmas Klondike!

Spend the holidays playing Christmassy Solitaire!

Santa’s Solitaire – 3D Christmas Klondike!

Get hooked on solitaire for the holiday season! Santa’s Solitaire features a fun, intuitive, version of the classic game of klondike, but it’s not like any other version of solitaire! Hear those sleigh bells and ho-ho-ho-ing?? Watch Santa Claus himself flying around in his sleigh pulled by magical reindeer, and softly falling snow, all in 3D!

We’ve designed the game to be played quickly. You can instantly start a new game by tapping the New Game button. Tap a card, then tap where you want it to go, or even drag cards if you want to. Choose between turning 3 cards at once, or just one. Play however you want to play, or just sit and watch the snow fall and the sleigh fly!

Merry Christmas!

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