Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator

Prepare to climb into the cockpit of a star fighter and take over the galaxy! Humankind needs YOU!

Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator for iPhone & iPad


Prepare to climb into the cockpit of a star fighter and take over the galaxy with the Space Wars 3D Star Combat Simulator!

More than just a basic space shooter, Space Wars is a 3D simulator for budding star pilots everywhere! Choose your ship, install your upgrades, and prepare to take on the alien scourge!


- Addictive, fun, yet challenging game play. Hours of star dogfights await you!
– Highly detailed real time 3D graphics.
– Many different ships to fly, and destroy! Watch them fly apart as you blow them from the stars!
– Dynamic 3D sound, so you can hear what’s coming and where.
– As you complete missions, you earn credits that can be used to unlock new ships, or install upgrades on your ships, including a Cloaking device, missiles and much much more!
– Each sector of space has a beautifully designed HD background, with dynamic 3D lighting. So the action is lit differently depending on what stars are in the area.
– Simple pick-up-and-play controls. Left thumb steers, right thumb shoots! Take some time to practice and you’ll soon get the hang of it! Read the detailed tutorial for more info on the finer points of flying your space fighter!
– Choose your own path to victory. Will you take an easier route and earn less credits? Or the difficult route and get the best ship ASAP? Or both?
– Climb up through the ranks of the Human Space Navy. Can you be the first Space Warlord on your block?
– GameCenter achievements and leader boards. Will you aim to be the Richest pilot, or the Deadliest??
– Choose your strategy! Will you upgrade each ship as you go, or try to hold out and save your credits for the best ship you can get?
– Stuck on a mission? You can call for reinforcements!
– Clock mode which lets you watch all the action without the risk of getting space sick!
– and much more!

Reviews From The AppStore

Best star fighter game ever!!!!!!
It is awesome. It feels like you are in space fighting other star ships. I would recommend this to any star wars fan anywhere.


I love this app SO much and I can’t stop playing it!!!!!


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