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Useless Creations, PTY LTD. takes the privacy of our customers and users very seriously. We recognize that privacy is an important issue, so we design and operate our services with the protection of your privacy in mind. We NEVER collect, transmit or share any of your information within any of our apps. By using our services, you consent to this privacy policy.

How we use your information

Since we do NOT collect any of your nformation, we may not use your Information in any way.

Third-party keyboard warnings

When you Allow Full Access in the settings under "add new keyboard" tab, you will encounter a warning message stating "full access allows the developer to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard. This could include sensitive information such as your credit card number or street address."

Useless Creations products are NOT designed to receive, store or transmit any such sensitive data. The reason DrawBoard requires you to allow full access is so they it can save your drawings and copy them to the keyboard so you can paste them into messages. That's it. You can use the keyboard without full access, but you will not be able to share or save your drawings.


Useless Creations, PTY LTD. is very concerned about your security. We do not collect any of your information. We do not store any of your information. We do not share any of your information, because we do not have any of your information. Please, keep your information to yourself. We do not take any resposibility for information loss caused by using the app, or any bugs, if any, in the iOS operating system.

If you are still concerned about your privacy, please uninstall the app. It's just meant as a fun keyboard, nothing more.

If you have further questions, please contact us: